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Fiction Services

Using my deep love of story and years of professional training, I can guide you through the revision process to help make sure your reader has an exciting and engaging experience!

Manuscript Assesment

After a thorough read-through of your manuscript, I provide a detailed letter exploring what's working best in the story and outlining areas for revision.

Focusing on things like plot, characterization, world building, pacing, and writing structure overall, I will also make specific suggestions to help you in further developing the manuscript.

While not as in-depth as a manuscript evaluation, this is a great choice if you are looking for high-level feedback on a budget!

Manuscript Evaluation

This option includes a full two pass read-through of your manuscript, after which I provide a 10–20 page letter exploring the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, as well as offering suggested fixes for any potential issues.

Again, I will focus on plot, characterization, pacing, etc., but in more specific detail, and noting places for revision chapter by chapter.

A manuscript evaluation is equivalent to a full developmental edit but without any on-manuscript comments or line edits.

Full Developmental Edit

A full developmental edit is a more detailed, granular version of a manuscript evaluation.

I will do two full passes of your manuscript with on-manuscript comments and limited line edits with track changes to illustrate my suggestions and offer potential fixes.

I will also provide a 10–20 page letter exploring the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, noting places for revision chapter by chapter.

This option provides the most detailed, micro-level kind of feedback.

Editorial Snapshots

On a tight budget? In this type of critique, I’ll edit the first one to two chapters of your manuscript (up to 5,000 words), offering advice you can apply to your work as a whole.

This is a great way to get professional feedback without committing to a full developmental evaluation.

Options include either an editorial letter outlining the work’s overall strengths and weaknesses, or a letter and on-manuscript comments and limited line edits to illustrate my points.


Author Coaching Services

Is a scene not coming together how you wanted? Is there something off about your character that you can't quite name?

I offer one-on-one author coaching chats to help you get unstuck!

From single scenes to full outlines, I can help you brainstorm your story ideas, offering a fresh set of professional eyes on your work.

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