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Editing is a collaboration—a way to refine and polish your project while preserving your individual style and voice—and A. Bennett Editing is dedicated to making your writing shine!

For more than 15 years, my personal and professional passions have centered on the intersecting worlds of literature, sewing, and dress history. I love turning imagination into reality, seeing words and images come to life, both on the page and in fabric. Whether you are a fiction author or a sewing pattern designer, I can’t wait to watch your project do the same.

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What My Clients Say...

"Hiring Aubry as an editor has been—hands down—the best investment since starting my business. Aubry's knowledge of history and sewing has been a godsend in helping me create patterns and instructions manuals for my sewing pattern line. She's able to offer such a great service, not only just in editing, but in thinking through the steps and instructions I've put together and has given some great insights as to how to make the documents easy for others to understand.  She's consistently brought all of my documents to a polished, professional level I had never dreamed possible and I'm so happy to work with her again and again."
Amber Mendenhall,

Virgil's Fine Goods

"Aubry's extensive historical and clothing knowledge was what first led me to work with her. But, I was quickly impressed with how she applied that same level of passion for her interests to tackling the editing of my project. Her attention to detail, the thoughtfulness of her questions in order to gain better insight, and her close guidance has made for such an amazing experience. Not only has she given me solid edits, but she helped explain in detail why and how she corrects certain errors so that I can apply the fixes as I write. On top of all that, Aubry is pure joy to work with and her presence gives me a boost to keep going!"

Kelsey Holt, Author

"Aubry saved me from a disastrous new pattern launch by editing my work not only extremely quickly, but thoroughly. She kept me informed every step of the way and left very detailed notes in case I had any questions. I have been so pleased with the result every time I have asked for editing assistance and I will absolutely work with her in the future."

Cait Southard,

Willoughby & Rose

"I’m so glad I hired Aubry to ghostwrite for my business blog! She’s a great writer and is also knowledgeable about the subject matter—it’s a perfect fit! I no longer have to agonize over writing so much content myself. She is also now my go-to for proofreading and editing. I’m so thankful she’s offering these services and recommend her to folks looking for anything from full article writing to polishing up letters and documents."
Cynthia Settje,


"Aubry made my text simpler and much clearer—exactly what I wanted to say! Her comments are brilliant and I am more than satisfied with her work! I am very glad we have such a successful collaboration!"

Daria Kuznetsova,


"Aubry proofread a recent fellowship application of mine and it was so helpful. Her feedback was accurate, thoroughly professional and equally pleasant. I really appreciated her taking the time to ask and determine my proofreading needs for this piece and tailoring her work to suit. I highly and enthusiastically recommend her services!"

Carolyn Dowdell, PhD


Editing Services

I offer a range of editorial services for both fiction and nonfiction, depending on your needs. I subscribe to a non-prescriptive approach—I know the rules, but I also know when to break them! The goal is to make your work the best possible version of itself with insight and guidance offered in a sensitive, collaborative manner.


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Ready to publish? Whatever the document type, proofreading is the final step to ensure your text is clean and professional. Don’t let those pesky typos distract the reader from your hard work!

I will check for:

Misspellings and typos

Incorrect grammar and word usage

Capitalization and punctuation

Consistency of formatting and layout (including any visual content)

Compliance with your preferred style guide and house style sheet (if you have one)

Copy Editing

Want to go a little further? Copy editing improves the clarity and readability of your text so your message takes center stage. The goal is to fine-tune your work so it will be ready for a proofread. I will rewrite and refine, offering wording suggestions as needed while maintaining your authorial voice.

I will focus on:

Clear sentence structure

Internal logic

Consistent style (spelling, punctuation, etc.)

Sentence and paragraph flow

Flagging continuity problems, repetition, and awkward phrasing


Need both? I’m here to help! A proof-edit focuses first on refining your text and message, followed by a meticulous proofread I will also create a custom style sheet to maintain consistency throughout your project and any future projects.

A proof-edit includes two rounds of edits:

The first to address flow, structure, and wording.

The second to check for any typos, misspellings, or incorrect grammar, as well as double checking the consistency of formatting and layout.

Developmental Editing

Developmental or structural editing focuses on the big picture, digging deep into the bones of your story. I will ask questions like:

How does the story hang together scene by scene?

Does it have a believable conflict and satisfying character arc?

Does the pacing fit with the story and genre?

Is the worldbuilding smoothly integrated?

And much more!

My edit will include a letter outlining the work’s overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as on-manuscript comments and limited line edits to focus in on specific moments for revision.

Line Editing

Line editing listens to the rhythm and flow of the language in your work. This is not a copy edit to correct mechanical issues (though I will correct some as I spot them), but rather looks at issues of voice, characterization, pacing, worldbuilding, dialogue, and more on a micro level. Once the structure of the novel is finalized, I will go through the manuscript word by word, line by line to ensure that each moment in the story is as effective and engaging as possible.

This edit includes a brief cover letter outlining the work’s overall strengths and weaknesses, and on-manuscript line edits with track changes and comments explaining my editorial suggestions.  

Editorial Snapshots

Not sure which is right for your story? I also offer Editorial Snapshots. In this type of critique, I’ll edit the first one to two chapters of your manuscript (up to 5,000 words), offering advice you can apply to your work as a whole.

This is a great way to get professional feedback without committing to a full developmental evaluation.

Options include either an editorial letter outlining the work’s overall strengths and weaknesses, or a letter and on-manuscript comments and limited line edits to illustrate my points.


About Me

Hi! I’m Aubry. I love stories and sewing, and as an editor, I'm never happier than when I can combine the two!

I specialize in editing sewing patterns and dress or costume history subjects, using my years of study and experience to bring another level of expertise to editing your work. I can set a sleeve, fix a comma splice, and spot a historical anachronism!

I also offer developmental and line editing services for fiction. Exploring the language and nuance in a story brings me such joy, and I hope to bring that passion to working with your writing. I have a particular love for historical fiction, fantasy, and romance, but am happy to work with almost any genre.

I received my B.A. in English literature from Marshall University, and I’m a proud member of both ACES: The Society for Editing and the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)


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