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Hi! I’m Aubry. I love stories and sewing, and as an editor, I'm never happier than when I can combine the two!

I specialize in technical editing for sewing patterns and developmental and line editing services for fiction, using my years of study and experience to bring another level of expertise to editing your work. I can set a sleeve, fix a comma splice, and spot a historical anachronism!

Contact me or check out my services below to see how I can help!

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For Pattern Makers

Whether you are a solopreneur or part of larger team, I provide an experienced set of eyes to make sure your pattern language is clear and easy to understand, as well as grammatically correct and consistent.

For Fiction Authors

Do you write fantasy, romance, or historical fiction (or any combination of the three)?

As a professionally trained story editor, I offer high-level services—from coaching to manuscript evaluations and developmental editing—to help make your story shine! 

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"Hiring Aubry as an editor has been—hands down—the best investment since starting my business. Aubry's knowledge of history and sewing has been a godsend in helping me create patterns and instructions manuals for my sewing pattern line. She's able to offer such a great service, not only just in editing, but in thinking through the steps and instructions I've put together and has given some great insights as to how to make the documents easy for others to understand.  She's consistently brought all of my documents to a polished, professional level I had never dreamed possible and I'm so happy to work with her again and again."

Amber Mendenhall, Virgil's Fine Goods


About Me

For more than 15 years, my personal and professional passions have centered on the intersecting worlds of literature, sewing, and dress history. I love turning imagination into reality, seeing words and images come to life, both on the page and in fabric. Whether you are a fiction author or a sewing pattern designer, I can’t wait to watch your project do the same!

I received my B.A. in English literature from Marshall University, and I’m a proud member of both ACES: The Society for Editing and the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA).

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Want to know if I'm the right editor for your work? I'm here to help!

Send me an email or use the form for a personalized quote!

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