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Technical Editing Services

Technical Editing is an important step in the pattern making process, and it's even more important to find an editor with an eye for detail—one who is not only familiar with the industry standards but who can visualize the construction process start to finish from just the words on the page. ​


A lifelong seamstress and trained word nerd, I use my combination of expertise and experience to ensure your instructions and pattern files are as clear and user-friendly as possible. My goal is to help you produce your best quality work—patterns that are beautiful, consistent, and clean. By keeping the maker experience and audience expectations at the forefront of my edit, I help pattern designers translate the beautiful design they've created into a polished, professional product.

You can find more information about my services below or contact me for a personalized quote and free sample edit.

What I

Technical Copy Editing

Technical copy editing focuses on improving the clarity and readability of your pattern instructions. Together, we will fine-tune your instruction text so it will be ready for testers and the final layout and design.

In this type of edit, I focus on:

  • Internal logic and construction order of operations

  • Clear sentence structure and paragraph flow

  • Consistency of style and formatting, internally and with your previous patterns

  • Compliance with your preferred style guide


Proofreading is the final step to make sure your instructions and pattern piece files are clean and professional, keeping makers focused on your design and not a pesky typo.

In a proofread, I check for:

  • Misspellings and typos

  • Incorrect grammar and usage

  • Capitalization and punctuation

  • Consistency of formatting and layout (including any visual content), internally and with your previous patterns

  • Compliance with your preferred style guide

Need both a technical edit and a proofread? No problem! I offer packages that first refine your instruction text, and follow up with a meticulous proofread of the final pattern.
This involves two rounds of edits:

  • The first to address flow, construction, and wording.

  • The second to check for any lingering typos, etc., as well as double checking the consistency of formatting and layout.

For each client I also create a custom style sheet to maintain consistency throughout the project and that they can use with any future projects.

Every pattern project is different, with its own unique set of needs, and I'd love to hear more about your project and plans so I can tailor a quote to match! I also provide free sample edits for new clients so we can make sure I am the right editor for your project before committing.

Contact Me
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“Working with Aubry was really easy and enjoyable. She provided great feedback on my pattern. She pointed out exactly what portions needed clarified, and also made some helpful suggestions regarding reorganization. It was exactly what I hoped for in an experience with a copy editor. She definitely made my work better, and I felt confident that I was publishing the best pattern possible after incorporating her changes. I would work with Aubry again in a heartbeat!”

Amber Parsons, The Crafty Minimalist

Contact Me

I'd love to hear more about your project! Send me an email or use the form to get in touch.

Want to know if I'm the right editor for your work? I offer free sample edits and consultation calls for all new clients.

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